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No gimmes

In real life, as in competitive golf, there are no gimmes.

Casual golfers, at the end of a 4 or 500 yard journey, have found it socially acceptable over time to scoop up their ball before putting the ball in the hole.

“It’s a gimme” – says their charitable partner or spouse eager to move on and pull out their driver on the next hole.

In what areas of life does one start a project, or tackle a to do list, or sales call, and decide, at the very last minute, “I don’t need to finish the job – it’s good enough here. Consider it done.”?

In my early life in the golf business, I mentored under a former Air Force pilot as an Apprentice Golf Professional. 

Years later, I got to tag along as a teaching assistant with one of golf’s greatest instructors – a man to whom other teachers and players made quiet pilgrimages to visit and learn.

In their world, there were no gimmes.

To them, every word mattered – WHAT they said had been chiseled down to the minimum after years of instruction and running their respective golf operations.

HOW they carried themselves matter – always dressed perfectly…not flashy but functional. 

And both men played at a level that allowed them to compete on the PGA Tour in their club’s off season. 

Each played in PGA major events as club professionals, no small feat, PROFESSIONALS amongst pros.

Would it surprise you their golf shops were pristine? 

No dust, verified by the white glove test, pro shop staff be warned….

No gimmes.

Would it surprise you neither took a day off from the habits that made them successful? 

Reconciling the day’s golf shop receipts…

5 minute stroll around the putting green with their putter between golf lessons.

Dressed crisp and clean on their day off, no different than their daily grind in the golf shop or on the lesson tee at their clubs.

No gimmes.

And their golf games – their schedules and limited practice and playing time allowed their competitive spirit no quarter against world class pros on tour. 

And so everything mattered to them, especially the small things.

No gimmes.

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