What are you painting today?

What are you painting today? 

We’re all artists in one way or another waking up to a new blank canvas.

If you’re a teacher in your soul, teach.

If you paint, paint. 

If you write, write.

If your j-o-b is in sales and you’re connecting with people, go talk to someone. 


Just for the sake of connecting. 

It really doesn’t matter who.

Just connect.

Then do it again. 


If the day ends and you don’t like what you painted, write down what you didn’t like.

Then throw it all away.

Tomorrow is a new canvas.  

If you like what you paint today, write down what you liked.

Then throw it away.

Because tomorrow, as good or bad as today is, is another blank canvas.

What are you painting today?

What am I painting today?

I am helping an owner of a real estate team hire a real estate agent.

So I am connecting with agents.

Just talking.

Even if they don’t want to leave their current brokerage, I’ll have a new connection.

Tomorrow they may change their mind.

So I am connecting with real estate agents today.

I’ve got other things I want to accomplish but it’s just too overwhelming thinking about it right now.

I’m not confident I can get to the finish line with some of these projects.

So I’m going to focus on the one thing I can control.

I’m going to connect with real estate agents and just talk to them.

If history is a teacher, good things will follow.

That’s all.

About me

I help people accomplish their business and career goals through my executive search and staffing business.

Matching people with companies – helping good people find great companies to thrive in. Helping business owners to find great people to help their business thrive.

And I help people buying and selling their homes with my real estate business – along the way, I help realtors and other real estate agents accomplish their goals of selling more homes.

My success is predicated on connecting with people and helping them achieve their goals and solve their problems.

So I need to take each day as it comes.

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